Gravity G Bar Cue Bumper Weights

$49.00 AUD


Solid Brass & aluminum Bumper weights Snooker & Billiards cue.

As per our players feedback,  Screw and follow shots are more power-full & accurate with the G-Bars.

G-Bar enables most players to play  softer and helps develop a smoother cue action just in after 20 hours of practice.

Stylish non slippery grip

Easy to take off and put back on the cue.

High quality constructions

Made in Australia

Note: Weight is approximated for guidance, might vary slightly by 0.1 -0.2 oz

Specification are approximated for user guidance.

SD JOINT 1 OZ 25 mm
SD JOINT 2 OZ 25 mm
SD JOINT 3 OZ 25 mm
QR JOINT 1 OZ 25 mm
QR JOINT 2 OZ 25 mm
QR JOINT 3 OZ 25 mm


QR Joint G Bar Fits in Omin Cues and most of the Thailand & UK made cues.

SD joint G bar Fits in Paris Cues, Master Cues, JY cues and cues that has similar joints.