Cue Ash/Maple Shaft Deep Conditioner & Maintenance Wax


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This product is made of pure natural wool wax, rich in a variety of plant extracts and environmental protection ingredients, with cleaning and maintenance of the shafts function.

This product can be deep penetration nourish the shafts, so that the shafts surface gloss lasting, feel lubrication, moisture and mildew, anti-oxidation static.

Use Peri shafts cleaning and maintenance of the wax on the regular maintenance of the shafts can effectively prevent the shafts surface due to dry weather due to small cracks, so that the shafts can be more stable performance, free from external dryness and humidity to extend shafts life.

Peri Cue Ash/Maple Shaft Deep Cleaner & Conditioner is designed to maintain your snooker cue shaft.
All cues shaft after some time get sticky because of the humidity, chalk & dust and can effect your performance.