Aramith Snooker Billiard Pool Ball Cleaner & Cloth

$28.00 AUD

Aramith Cleaner helps keep your phenolic Snooker billiards ball polished & lustrous

Recommended after each session of 15-20 games
Keeping your Aramith balls clean has many advantages, such as more exact playing conditions
  • Aramith snooker balls offer consistent and reliable performance
  • Clean balls will wear out the cloth less then dirty Aramith balls.
  • Clean Aramith balls mean they are smoother to play
  • Directions for use Shake well the bottle. Apply the cleaner upon the ball. Rub well. Make the ball shine with a piece of dry cloth or paper or with an electrical buffer.
  • Aramith is trusted all over the world
  • Aramith microfiber cloth Included