Aramith Pro 1G Tournament Champion Pro Snooker Balls

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SKU: SD21622SP

Aramith 1G Tournament Champion Genuine Aramith - manufactured by Saluc in Belgium.

The Snooker Aramith Pro 1 g balls are supplied in an elegant storage case

Used in all W.S.A.and I.B.S.F. Tournaments

Aramith have supplied sets of Snooker Aramith Pro 1 g balls to the World Snooker Professional Players Association and our now used in all Professional Ranking events.

one gram maximum weight difference between balls in a set.

This reduction in tolerance allows professional players to reach the highest scores during W.S.A. Tournaments.

Aramith Snooker Tournament Champion sets are most used set for competitions

This is a great set for home use and also club events

Aramith is trusted all over the world

Weight of balls is 141 or 142 grams

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