Innovative electronic dart board

With each game, you’ll be able to dazzle your audience with these LED lights as they light up the whole room!

Best of all, you’ll no longer need to worry about calculating how many points are still needed to win the game. Let the LED target guide you all the way!

Different from all other home dartboards in the market, the VDarts H3L electronic dartboard offers a gaming experience similar to that of the soft dart machines at the comfort of your home. Go online to play with other dart players around the world or invite family and friends for a fun and exciting game!

The VDarts H3L’s revolutionary LED target is one of a kind! With smart technology including a miss sensor, it helps players with their focus and training – whether they’re amateurs or professionals – while providing a variety of dart games to enjoy including 01 Games, Cricket Games, Tic Tac Toe, Dart Roulette, Monster Wars, Bermuda, Sniper and Horse Race.

Product information

Brand: VDarts
Model: VDarts H3L
Category: Home Online Dartboard
Power: 100 – 240V 4A
Size: 58 X 61 X 7 cm
Weight: 5.5kg


Other features of the VDarts H3L

  • An extra layer of sound-absorbing cushion makes it the quietest board on the market
  • It’s waterproof, mould proof and fire proof
  • You can even take on opponents online
  • The VDarts Member App keeps track of all your game scores