Cricket Bat Face Protector Extratec 25m Roll

$110.00 AUD $150.00

Our extratec is used by a lot of professionals, bat makers in Australia, NZ and other Cricket countries.

We recommend it for cricket bats blade protection as it gives bat excellent protection and maintains it in extreme condition.

No need for oiling cricket bat face except for the toe of the bat

Extratec is without doubt the best protection to the face and edges of cricket bats

Extratec provides the best possible protection against surface cracking for all bats.

Top quality guaranteed, durable and highly tear resistant

Take care of your most valuable item in kit, your Bat!.

We would also Recommend Fiber Glass Tape for Cricket Bat Edges and other minor repairs.

Cricket bat Face Protector extratec is water proof and has good UV & humidity resistance with excellent low/high temperature tolerance.

Note: in some extratec batches cardboard outer core colour might be a different colour than white and that changes the colour appearance of the product picture to the picture advertised. Product colour is always same that is clear, transparent extratec.