The original Strachan Stroud logo with the cloth

Genuine Strachan Style name

This appears every two meters on the back of our cloth.

Strachan Digital Print & Woven Edge

Black digital print

The unique roll number and the cloth style name
This appears on the back of our cloth and assists traceability

Woven edge

Made in England and Genuine pure quality Strachan 6811
This appears on the back of our cloth and identifies it as either Club (red border)

or Tournament (blue border)
Strachan English pool cloth is the choice of table manufacturers, operators, fitters, players, pubs, and clubs. Its superior nap provides players with unrivaled ball control, speed, and positional accuracy.


For operators, pub and club owners, Strachan is a brand that can be trusted. It looks great from the moment it’s fitted, will continue to perform over its lifespan and will outlast its nearest rival. And for manufacturers, the Strachan name, classic appearance, luster, and sheen will greatly help to sell your table.

Strachan is the official and exclusive cloth of the World Eightball Pool Federation and is used & endorsed by Heywood Pool & Snooker, DPT and other leading pool table manufacturers.

April 19, 2020 — Manoj Sharma