Cue Ash/Maple Shaft Deep Clean Powder

Cue Ash/Maple Shaft Deep Clean Powder  (Snooker & Billiards)

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Peri Cue Ash/Maple Shaft Deep Clean Powder is designed to maintain your snooker cue shaft.
All cues shaft after some time get sticky because of the humidity, chalk & dust. Peri powder product contains wood Powder, Carbon nano decomposition components and a variety of trace elements extraction material. Cue shafts after use of clean powder will be a new look

We also recommend Following Product after using Deep Clean Powder.
Cue Ash/Maple Shaft Deep Conditioner Wax
How to Use:

  1. Sprinkle some powder on clean damp towel (Make sure you wring out any excessive water)
  2. Repeatedly wipe the shaft to clean the part needed (Avoid any design areas on the shaft)
  3. Remove the stains and wipe the residual clean powder with a clean damp towel
  4. Now wipe the shaft with a dry towel or micro fiber cloth
  5. (After cleaning can use Peri cleaning and maintenance Wax awakening care, with the use of better results)
  6. Storage method: placed in a cool dry place

Note: clean powder should be used once after 3-6 months, recommeded with the Cleaner & Condition Gel/Wax