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Wooden Hammer/Mallet for knocking-in bats the stroke and performance of Cricket Bat Blade.
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Wooden Stump Mallet Cricket Ball Mallet Deluxe Cricket Bat Mallet, best tool available to knock in your new cricket bat
Cricket Ball Mallet
Price: $12.00 Inc GST

Deluxe Cricket Bat Mallet
Price: $15.00 Inc GST

Cricket Stump & Bat knocking in Mallet is an essential tool for knocking in new cricket bats before use.

This mallet can also be used by cricket umpires for knocking in cricket stumps to the ground.
Cricket Ball Mallet to prepare face and edges on a new bat.
Strengthen the bat to stand up to the abuse of high-speed ball impacts
Premium quality deluxe cricket bat mallet. This mallet is used by most of the bat makers in Australia.